Monday, January 25, 2010

What not to wear!

I looked like a homeless person tonight. I was wearing Reid's Atari pj bottoms (I forgot mine at home), my lumberjack coat, and I had the pjs tucked into my socks to attempt to block any drafts. Alyssa was laughing at me and joking that she was embarrassed. The run was pretty decent for me for the first ten minutes or so, however half way through I slowed down and coasted. I was a little winded from my bronchitis, but I managed. Alyssa was ahead; she always runs at a good pace. It was pretty warm for the most part, but the rain from earlier in the day was starting to freeze and made the sidewalks very slippery, so we decided to run on the road. We also ran down a street with tons of cars on it, turns out someone was having some sort of sex party according to the decal on the company car parked outside of one of the houses. All in all it was a decent start to week five of our training.

A side note: Alyssa wrote her Sociology exam today... she felt she did well, but she won't find out until Friday. She also has a math exam early tomorrow morning.

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