Sunday, January 3, 2010

My BILLY Bookcase...

For a while now I've known that I was in need of a new bookshelf; the old one just wasn't cutting it anymore. My books were starting to pile up all over the place.... there were piles in my room, in the basement, in the bathroom. So, after months and months of saying I needed one I was browsing the net and saw that Ikea had a bookcase for $69. Nazaire came over and I asked if he wouldn't mind coming to check it out with me, we headed there and walked through that maze of a store searching for it... not an easy task, it was a complete zoo in there and seemed like everyone brought their 3 year old. We get to the shelf area and honestly I was expecting it to be small for $69, but nope it was bigger than both of us expected. We headed to the warehouse area and thank god he was there or I would have had a hell of a time; the box was huge and really heavy. Anyways, with his muscles we got it into the truck and even got some of their great frozen yogurt in the process...yum. We got back to the house had a bite to eat and then got to building this sucker. Luckly, it went pretty we'll... we didn't have to rebuild it and didn't kill each other in the process either. It looks great and I appreciate all the help Nazaire gave me so much. After that we just RELAXED! We played a game of 9 ball (which I won... got to boast because that may be the only time), watched some Twilight zone, ate some chips, and did a whole lot of nothing... it was great!

Oh and the unfortunate accidental injuries continue... last night while watching the TLC show 650 Virgin (incredible and inspiring how he lost 400 pounds naturally), I went the the bathroom, and tripped up the wood stairs bruising and skinning my knee. It killed! It's funny how the littlest injuries seem to hurt so much (ex. paper cuts). Ahhh... it's still hurting, darn I'm getting klutzy.


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