Tuesday, January 5, 2010

numero deux week

Today was our first run of week two in Stoney creek and it went pretty good, we ended up running a little further this time (tiny amount within the same 20 minutes but still we'll take it! lol). We didn't end up starting our run until 6:55pm; Alyssa was busy and couldn't get here any sooner. The weather was nice though, cool but not too cold; Alyssa kept complaining she as burning up and wearing too many layers. There was nearly no wind and we chatted the whole way. Again it went by so fast, especially considering the little bit of anxiety we both had about what week 2 would be like. All in all, I think week two has been pretty good so far. Alyssa started back at school this week after a few weeks off for the holidays; she is a little stressed with assignments and trying to find a volunteer position to finish her 40 hours of community service hours necessary to graduate (she needs 35 and their due at the end of the month!). Hopefully though the running will help with the stress... can't wait until Thursday's run.

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