Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Day in the Creek

Today Alyssa and I started our second day of training in stoner creek. I must say I am quite excited about this experience. We started out in the late afternoon/evening, the winds weren't as brisk as the first day, and we strolled through our run like a bunch of chatter boxes for the first day of grade 1. It's amazing how much faster and easier the run feels when your talking; we just went on and on about the most random topics and discussed ideas/plans for the future. With the second run under our belt I'm looking forward to week 2 of this journey. Alyssa also was real excited to try out her new running mitts: Women's 180s Ultralite CTG. She loves them says they really help with changing her watch and starting the gymboss as she doesn't have to take them off. They have little gel grips that allow you to even change touch sensitive ipods. Warm too. Oh and side note it was it's our 3 month anniversary today, it was nice to spend it together running (working towards our goal). :)

P.s. The Gymboss is this awesome little gadget for doing intervals whether it be biking, running, swimming, boxing, etc. You can program in a time for the first interval and a time for the rest period and it will go off at the end of each time by beeping, vibrating, or a combination of both. It's also waterproof and tracks how many sets you have completed. It's really great, I'd recommend it to anyone; it really takes the work out of doing any type of intervals and allows you to focus on training. Definitely impressed with that xmas present!

Below... some snapshots of us after our lil run

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A few Christmas photos...

The next morning...
Some xmas goodies: Gymboss, Arm Pocket & HR monitor :-)

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Not So Warm Welcome to the World of Running...

For the last few weeks, Nazaire and I have been talking about running together and setting a goal; our goal the Frosty 5K March 7th, 2010. I've previously ran a few 5K's on a whim when my Dad would say, "Hey I'm doing a 10K today and they have a 5K you could do, wanna come?" And, needless to say, with no training, they were a wreck; I didn't want to have to walk, but I walked. And, the old out-of-shape looking women whizzing by me was brutal. Therefore, we thought a 5K was a good first goal; I really just wish to complete it comfortably and without walking at all. Working towards the goal and completing it with Nazaire is also a very nice bonus. Anyways, like any good Payne would do, I picked the most torturous time of year to initiate this running plan: WINTER. And, boy did winter welcome us on your first day of training today using the couch to 5K training program. It was cold, super windy, and snowing. We started on the sidewalk, but quickly had to move to the road as the fresh snow and ice was much too slippery (especially for someone like me with a fear of being on ice ek). It was a brutal first run, we didn't even say one word to each other while running, and only exchanged a few occasional sentences when walking. I think we both just wanted it to end; I know I did. Upon finishing though we were both happy... happy to be inside and done our first run. A little tuckered out too, we both fell asleep for a bit while watching Mantracker. Oh and before we headed out, running upstairs to grab some socks so we could get going, I cut my shoulder on the stairs. Some how it cut my skin, but not my shirt :S go figure.