Saturday, January 23, 2010

Into the darkness...

Location location location. The spot we chose was reminiscent of a spooky back country horror: dark roads, hills, a river, and two out of breath people running and working hard to make it to the end. The sun had pretty much set and we warmed up with are usual five minute walk. The run was good, I liked the up and down course, winding road, and the little river. Alyssa had on her little light and it came in handy so we could at least see some of the road. The last five min was pretty tough back uphill. I didn't struggle today, but Alyssa was a little short of breathe at the top of the hill. But, still she pushed through and completed the run. I would like to run that course in the day time or early morning, maybe we could see some wild life. I give that course a 4-5 on the point scale.

Alyssa's account of the run...
It was a great run, definitely different then usual and a little spooky. The course was hilly which were definitely not used to and it was so dark out you could barely see in front of you; their was literally only one street light on the whole road. My light I use to check the time on the Gymboss helped, but not to much. I'm not going to lie I was a little worried about some cars barreling down the road and not seeing us, but lucky only one car even passed and they saw us. I also had visions of a werewolf or something jumping out of the bushes attacking me lol. Luckily, these were only dreams and neither manifested. Anyways, it was a challenging run, especially the uphill last five minutes, but we completed it and it feel soooooo good to be finished week four. Already itching to run again. :)

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