Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Sweet Surprise...

School has been absolutely crazy lately and today was no different; I wrote 2 summatives. I just kept checking the time both wishing for the crazy summative to be done for the day and excited to see Nazaire (he was picking me up from school). He picked me up at 2:40pm and we headed over to the Heart and Stroke Foundation where I had to pick up some volunteer kits that I must deliver to get my 40 hours of community service necessary to graduate. After that we headed to my house and while I was making food he said he forgot something in his car. I wasn't really paying attention and figured he just forgot his hat or mitts, but to my surprise a minute later I looked over and saw him holding flowers and a stuffed animal of a bulldog (their my favorite!). It was such a sweet and unexpected surprise and I loved it! So, after a few hugs and thank you's we ate, and then headed out for our run. Nazaire said the first half of the run felt very slow to him, but the way back as a breeze... honestly, I felt opposite about it. It was also really warm and there was little wind which was great. Upon finishing the run we did our push ups and went out where he helped me deliver some volunteer kits. He's truly a great boyfriend. :)

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