Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood...

Today was a beautiful, sunny, and warm winter day and our last workout of week 2. We ran in Burlington just chatting and soaking up the rays... it was almost too bright; I pulled out the sunglasses which helped a lot, but Nazaire was not so lucky. The run was great, the conditions were very comfortable and we pushed each other and run our furthest run yet. Then afterward we took on a new push up challenge. We were previously doing 1 more push up each day, but at 20 push ups we were starting to see slower improvement and starting to struggle to keep up. So after some online research I found a plan that will hopefully break our plateau and help us get to our goal of 100 consecutive push ups. This new program consists of doing four sets of push ups with short breaks in between, and man is it challenging! By the last set I thought my arms might just buckle and give out leaving me flat on my face. For anyone curious about the program you can find it here. After that we did P90X's Ab Ripper X, which was brutal I had to stop a lot, Nazaire did much better than I did. He pushed himself really hard and I was so impressed. Then after that we did a few tricep and back exercises before downing some protein power and making my famous "healthy pizza." Overall, a very productive day. :)

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