Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden time

The past two weeks, Alyssa and I have gotten the garden dug up. soil, compost, and fetilizer in place. I did most of the labour lol 90% of it and i don't mind at all. The shape and plan has come together nicely. So today we went to Tarra green house and picked up some herbs, flowers, and veggies for the backyard.
The weather was perfect, full sun and a light breeze. We placed what we had in the areas where we wanted and began to dig and space our plants evenly and tried to complement each herb and veggies and flowers together. It looks pretty sharp i must say, over the next few weeks we will add a few more flowers and such to make it the way we envision it.
Alyssa is officially a green thumb, i knew she would like it.

Hot Yoga and a lot of sweat

Tonight Alyssa and I decided to experience hot yoga together. She had gone earlier in the week with a few girlfriends and enjoyed it quite a bit. We talked about it Thursday night and I thought it would be a great experience to go with her and get in a good workout together.
 This hot yoga was something let me tell you ahha, i was sweating buckets within minutes amongst the fellow yogies lol and i felt pretty good. Alyssa had her mat and towel and i was beside her with mine, i kept looking over, sweat all dripping from my body mouthing the words holy crap, im done, f- me, and a few more. In all i will say for anyone who hasn't experience this, it is great for the mind body and soul. I felt refreshed and peaceful afterward.

I think we will do this again very soon and incorporate it into our work outs more often.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

From here on out

Hi there folks, its been a while since I or Alyssa posted a comment. I took a few weeks off training and have had the occasional run since the Mercedes 10k run. I am thinking that I would like to run in the the 15 k bread and honey race in Mississauga June 6th. Alyssa and I will still be doing the occasional run and training together just not as much, she is working towards here goal of training and competing  in UFE halloween Mayhem.
Until then keep checking back for updated news.