Saturday, January 16, 2010

Third Time the Charm...

For the last few days my foot has felt a bit funny, so Nazaire suggested we wait til tomorrow to run and although I wasn't psyched to take that route (felt like I was giving up) I decided it was probably the best idea and I do love running in his area, it's a lot more peaceful. So, instead of our run we decided to get all dressed up and go out for a drink and a movie... we had no idea what a mission it would turn out to be. We went and got the movie tickets early (Youth in Revolt with Michael Cera), then headed out looking for somewhere to get a drink. First stop was Milestones and we had no luck there, it was PACKED! Second stop was Canyon Creek and it was also pretty full and Nazaire just wasn't feeling it. Hoping the third time would be the charm we headed over to Kelsey's and it was, a couple just left a booth as we got there. We finished up our drinks and headed over to chapters where we browsed for a bit to kill some time, then headed over to the movie theater. We ended up getting great seats, I had movie popcorn for the first time in month (mmmm lol), and the movie was GREAT! It was one of those understated comedies and we both laughed a lot. Definitely, made us forget about the madness of finding somewhere to have a drink lol. Then we headed back to my place and watched some Kenny vs. Spenny. Can't wait to train tomorrow! :)

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