Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Training day 1 for the Mercedes-Benz 10k!

Alyssa and I started out late in the afternoon/evening; the weather was a beautiful for a run. We were excited to start our first day of training for the 10k, I think because it's a new challenge and we are coming off a high from our 5k race over the weekend. This run was our longest to date at 5.34k and we both ran at a good pace. Alyssa was running well and breathing much better than on race day probably because I wasn't yapping in her ear. It's good when you can get in the zone and focus. My legs were tired and a little burnt out from giving it at the race, but I pushed through it and enjoyed the run none the less. Now on to our cross training day tomorrow; we will see how it goes.

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