Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today is Saturday, the day before the race! This afternoon Nazaire and I headed down to the Travelodge to pick up our bibs, timing chips, Frosty 5k shirts, and race kit. The place was a total zoo! After finishing up that we went to a few places here and there looking for more blister bandaids and such. Out of that excursion came two great things; we got some awesome pictures of the sky at sunset (see below) and Nazaire found some great running tight. The running tights are pretty good; we found them at Walmart for $13, can't beat that! He says its awesome, feels really light and like a super hero lol. After that we headed back to my house to relax a bit, eat some dinner, and get all dolled up for a celebratory treat at Demetres. It was great; we ordered this fantastic strawberry-waffle-ice cream dessert that was absolutely delicious. Then we got back home and we're heading to bed shortly. Now let's see if we feel like little kids trying to fall asleep for Christmas, I hope not!

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