Friday, March 5, 2010

Last run before the race

I cant believe 9 weeks has come and gone, and that we are here with the race day only a couple days away.
I think it's quite an accomplishment that we stuck it out and did it together as a team. We set two goals: to run under 30 minutes and to go over 100k in our training. So far we've crossed one off the list, over 100k done in training, yippee.

Todays run was just after sunset, a lil windy but not too chilly. I had some major cramps and Alyssa felt like she was going to be sick, what great timming lol. Never the less we pushed on through it, worked up a good sweat, and when we got to the house our time was great, 30:18 for 5.14k which Alyssa estimates puts  us at at 5:54 pace. We will definitely break 30 minutes, now it's just a matter of by how much.

P.s. We forgot to mention Alyssa was accepted to Ryerson for psychology last Friday!

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