Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Going Crazie....

It was an eventful run today; Alyssa, Elena, Reid and I all took part on this sunny run. What a nice day to get out, the weather was beautiful. Alyssa and I just have one more run to go before the frosty, yay! Reid came along on his bike, singing and swerving alongside the street; it was good to see him out there. Elena has taken a liking to the training and has impressed the both of us finishing 5.14k just a few minutes after us, I hope she sticks with it. Alyssa and I ran at a good pace, we wanted to break the 30 min barrier for a 5k and we just did by a bit at 30:59 for 5.14k. So, we have our goal set for friday and on sunday's race to come in below 30 minutes and I feel comfortable and confident we will.

A side note, after the run we did P90X's Ab Ripper X with Elena. Then later that night we went and saw the movie The Crazies. It was awesome! Highly recommend.

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