Sunday, March 7, 2010

Race Day: Mission Accomplished, 28:13 !

Nazaire: 28:12      11/21 in his age group    111/202 out of the males   174/586 overall
Alyssa:   28:13      4/11 in her age group     65/384 out of the females    176/586 overall

Nazaire's Account of the Day: 
Well 9 weeks is officially done; I'm so happy we completed and competed in this 5k race. I must say my nerves were shot before the race and just waiting at the starting line calming my body and all the chills. Alyssa had to go to the bathroom so she went to the porta poty and was almost late for the start. I was freaking out and killing time with her parents. But when I saw her with minutes to spare I was ready and relaxed, no nervousness. The horn went and away we went off in a heap of bodies. Alyssa set the pace and I felt fine the whole way; my breathing was good and my strides were confident. I felt happy with my race and I'm very proud of Alyssa for pushing me along the way and bringing out the competitor in me. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I have had. I look forward to our next race and adventure. Way to go babe. I love you.

Alyssa's Account of the Day:
Let me just start by stating a couple well known race day laws; what ever can go long, will go wrong and expect the unexpected. Last night and today definitely fit with these quotes. First off, last night Nazaire got an unexpected visitor in the middle of the night. He came into his room to find the words "KILL" taped on the door, floor, and bed. And, then about an hour later was awoken by Reid in a mask taping his arm to the bed post with hockey tape; he had to cut his way out with an swiss army knife. I think Reid was inspired from watching Paranormal Activity the day before, and their "Stepbrother" relationship encouraged it as well. Oh did I mention, Fabio was also posted on the door lol.

This morning we woke up good, ate, and headed out the door. You could tell Nazaire was on edge though; he gave one person the finger and freaked out on another girl who was crossing the road without looking. Then as we were getting off the highway, in a rush to get to the mall to catch the shuttle in time, their was an accident at the exit. Needless to say that didn't help the anxiety. Despite the small road bump, we got to the mall in time and on the shuttle pretty quick. However, the problems weren't over yet; I then go to pin on the bib and realize that the safety pins I placed in my arm pocket are missing and I forgot my sunglasses, DOH! So, I called up my Mom quickly and asked her to bring 'em. Then the rest was just a waiting game at city hall.

Nearing the race I was dying to go to the washroom and we headed outside thinking the line up at the porta potties would be shorter then the LOOONG women's line inside. Not the case... the line up was HUGE... longer than the lines you see at Wonderland. Regardless though I figured I had to wait it out, I mean I had to pee like a race horse! So, after a long, long wait I get to the front little bit where you have to take a chance and pick a line. I thought I picked a pretty good one until I saw that out of our line's two porta potties one guy hadn't come out for a good twenty minutes. Of course, when I was at the front of the line that guy decided to come out... you can all tell how well that went down. After that ordeal, feeling nice and relieved, I ran down to the Start line where Nazaire was a little frazzled waiting for me. We got in the corral of bodies and awaited the sound of the starting gun. All I remember was them counting down the time from 3 minutes and thinking, "Wow, that was the fastest 3 minutes ever!" We started and I felt good at first, however, that quickly changed. At around 2k I felt a major cramp coming on, ack I rarely get those! And, that baby stayed with me for the rest of the race, I also couldn't get into a good groove and zone out like I usually do. But, it was still a great race and we beat our goal! Next stop, the Mercedes-Benz 10K. Bring it on!


  1. Congrats on your first 5k .. well done.

  2. Good job Alyssa. I sent you the photo's to post for Nannee.

  3. etraining (elena bonne)March 8, 2010 at 6:23 PM

    you guys did great! looks like all the training paid off!! keep me posted on that 10km run you wanna do and dont forget to check out my training log on map my run! i have been working harddd guys, you both inspired me!! love ya xoxo

  4. Thanks babe! :) Means so much especially coming from you. P.s yes I want to check it out what is your username on map!? Keep it up babe i love you! xoxo