Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Wild Bunch

Last night was a very late night for Elena and myself, a 5am late night to be precise. We worked out, whipped up a storm cooking, we socialized, and laughed a lot; typical Alyssa and Elena hijinks. Needless to say we didn't wake up too early, but when we did I picked up Nazaire, made some pasta, and then we headed out for our run. Today we had some extra people on our run: Reid and Elena. Reid didn't run the loop with us, but he did what he could. Elena kept up with us for 3.66 km which was great; I was impressed and proud. And, we finished up week 8 with a 4.61 km run. I feel very confident about the Frosty 5K, we will definitely be able to run it comfortable.

Oh and Nazaire surprised me with some beautiful gerbera flowers for our 5 month anniversary. :-)

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