Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jog, Jog, Sprint!

Today's run was the first run in a little over a week. For me it was mentally tough to get back into the swing of things, for Nazaire it was much easier (he did run 16km earlier this week). The weather was really nice, minimal wind. In fact, halfway through the run I was feeling so warm I had to ditch my gloves and unzip my jacket a bit. We completed this run in the Stoney Creek area and it was our first 25 minute straight run; the following weeks before the Frosty 5K will consists of only 25 and 30 minute runs. Like I said for me it was a mentally tough run, I was just trying to zone out for most of it until the last 3 minutes (those are always the easiest for me). The last  minute I just sprinted and left Nazaire in the dust, I had picked a spot that I wanted to finish at and I went for it. Plus, I really enjoy finishing strong... it feels great. It was also great that it was our longest run yet, 4.1K... we'll definitely have a great race in a few weeks!


  1. Good job Alyssa. Don't worry, if it the distance gets mentally tough, just remember it's not that far, my dad's last swim was more than 6 km's. haha.

    Did Nazaire do one run that was 16 km ?

  2. Lmao... Any ya he did, he's crazy lol. Says if your bored while were in Palm Springs he'll go for a run or bike with you.... or a beer lol.

  3. Sounds good. For sure a beer anyway.