Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Sunny Sunday Run

Today me and Nazaire went out for the last run of week 7, and wow what a nice day for it! The weather is sunny and warm; I didn't even have to wear a jacket, mitts, or headband. We ran throughout my area... it was a route we had done before, but we ran it backwards to switch it up. We also were running it in daylight which is a change. Usually we end up running at night, not because we want to (well I kind of what to lol... I enjoy running at night, you can't see where your going, it feels like it goes by faster), but more because it ends up being the time running is possible for us. Regardless of the change, however, I struggled. I felt a good deal of pain in the medial posterior aspect of my patella (thank you exercise science ;-) ). I slowed down and pushed through it though. We also ran by a man with his young son, and when the man saw Nazaire's Montreal Canadiens hat he commented that he liked it. Nazaire said, "ya me too... much better than the Leafs!" and the man agreed. We also ran by a lot of groups of families; it is a amazing how few people will move out of the way and give you a bit of space even though they do see you coming. Another spotting we made today is a big Cooper's hawk, and we even caught a great snap shoot of it. Off to eat and then cheer on Team Canada at 7:40. GO CANADA!!!

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