Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Running in a winter wonderland + Frosty

Today upon finishing school I headed over to Nazaire's so we could go see the mantinee of Shutter Island. Seriously, what a great time and day to go. There were maybe 10 other people in the theater, and since it was Telus Tuesday we each got a free popcorn and drink out of the deal! The movie was great... lots of twists and turns, slow at times, but overall I'd definitely recommend it. Leo did a great job and played the character perfectly.

After the movie it was starting to get dark so we headed out for our run. I wasn't looking forward to it thanks to the nice dump of snow we got from the little blizzard the day before, but it was actually quite warm outside. We ran one of our usual Stoney Creek loops except in the opposite direction which we had never done on that route. It was a great run for me... the for me the first half of the run I paced myself, then at the half way point I speed up and just zoned out. For a good portion of the last third of our run I was maybe a few feet to a meter in front of Nazaire. I felt bad, I don't like leaving him behind, but I was just zoning right out and felt great running at a faster pace. I still would look for his shadow and listen for his steps to make sure he was okay and not too far behind. And, it still felt nice to know he was with me. Also, we set to first times... first 28 minute straight run of our program and longest run yet at 4.47 km; not a bad way to start week 8.

Once the run was done Nazaire decided to take advantage of the sticky packing snow perfect for making a snowman, and made a masterpiece. :-)

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