Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Longest yard

It's a little past noon on an Easter sunday and I'm very satisfied with my run and sweating like crazy lol. The weather is just beautiful today, hardly any wind, clear skies and the temperature is 18 degrees C.
Today's run was 8km; I just finished at 8.11k. I started out at a good pace, not to fast down the country road. I passed a few orchards, old homes and E.D. smiths where they make jams, ketchups, and other spreads. Halfway through the run, my legs felt a little heavy but I kept on going, not having Alyssa beside me is hard and quite the change but i know she's with me in spirit and I look forward to a run with her soon. I finished with a time of 39 min 35 seconds so I think I will be in good shape to get around 50 min for the 10k or just under that would be a goal I would like to accomplish.

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