Monday, April 19, 2010

Long run with Reid

Well today's adventure set me on a course of 11.3km, through the scenic country side of burlington just beyond the city outskirts. I took Reid with me today and it was a nice day to have someone come along for the journey. Alyssa had a workout to do so taking Reid made the run a little interesting and fun. The weather was great, the sun was out, a tad bit of wind and the scenery was great, rolling hills, a river, woods, and some old farm houses.
Along the way Reid kept up and had some witty comments and a cheeky smile the whole way, i started out pretty slow and had a cramp 3 quarters of the way into the run lol, not good but over time it went away. I am sure it was from the 6 pancakes Alyssa and I made for breakfast ahah, pretty, pretty, pretty good.
 I was happy with my run and i look forward to the upcoming race next week, when i reached the top of the side road and just in the distance i saw the plaza so i sprinted for home, Reid was right behind me keeping up, 1hr38 seconds of effort.

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